This is an experiment for me, both in lifestyle and in blogland.  I’m tired of laying awake at night making lists of the days obligations, which were fulfilled, which neglected as well as trying to decide what i will do about tomorrow’s.  Between trying to be healthy, happy, social, beautiful, educated and fit into all those other things expected, I’m tired.  Tired of feeling guilty for what i do not do, or for what i choose to do instead of what i “should.”  To maybe make myself a more affective/effective or just plain honest human being, i am eliminating the word should in all of it’s guilt inducing varieties from my vocabulary.

  1. amanda j. sargent

    I can absolutely relate to every word here. :/
    Sadly, even when we try to better ourselves, somehow it never seems good enough.

    We have to ask ourselves when and where do we draw the line? But even more so, when
    is it acceptable to be happy, and even PROUD that we’ve even come this far?…

  2. I’m trying my best to start from a place of being proud of myself wherever i am, and moving from there to become even better.

  3. Hey! Get up and get writing!
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    This is not spam!

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